Infusion Accessories

Stopcock system for infusion therapy and monitoring

Luer activated valve developed as needlefree injection port in IV applications

Safeflow is a needle-free valve that can be used for infusion and transfusion therapy. It is designed for aspiration, injection, or gravity flow of fluids upon insertion of a male luer fitting.

The valve allows multiple usage through activation of the needle-free connector by attaching a luer slip / luer lock connector such as a syringe.

Extension line enabling syringe connection to patient access

The Original Perfusor® Line is an extension line which connects the syringe and the patient access by Luer-Lock connectors. The Type PE is not manufactured with PVC. The device can be used in all different therapies for all patients for which infusion therapy is prescribed such as for example in pediatrics due to the smaller tube diameter.