Intraveneous Therapy

I.V Cannula

Vasofix® Safety is a peripheral IV catheter with an injection port and a passive fully automatic needlestick protection. The single-use device is intended to generate intravascular access to sample blood, administer fluids/medication and blood/blood products intravenously.

The device can be used for all patients for which infusion therapy is prescribed. No gender or age related limitations. Vasofix® Safety can be used for adults, pediatrics and neonates.

I.V Lines 

Universal IV administration sets with air vent for gravity infusions and pressure infusions with non-dedicated infusion pumps (pressure resistant up to 2 bar)

Basic product features

- Ergonomically designed 3-part drip chamber

- Advanced precise roller clamp

- Screw tight Luer Lock fitting

- Soft, clear PVC tubing

Options of standard add-on-devices, examples

All design features in accordance with International Standard ISO 8534-4/8
(Infusion sets for single use, gravity feed / Infusion equipment for Pressure Infusion)

Syringe Infusion Pump for therapies

Perfusor® Space is a syringe infusion pump that can be used to configure customized, tailor-made solutions as individual pumps, small therapy units, or a complex infusion system.
The small, light and intuitive configuration of the pump provides a user-friendly solution to complex therapies, integrating all clinical areas into one system.
B. Braun Space can also be integrated into the data communications network of every advanced hospital operation

Compactplus is Braun’s latest generation of simple and robust pumps that flexibly address the core requirements of modern infusion therapy – bringing together the latest technological advances with unmatched economical value.